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Act 1

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'Chanel' soundtrack song begins to play

Ext. Night

A close-up of a dimly lit tree shows it’s branches harmlessly swaying in the dead of night.

An establishing, but shaky shot shows a school building, and the words on a plaque in front of it.

The shot changes to a steady cam shot walking around a corner. The empty street is shown ahead. The shot fades into another similar shot of a disconnected street. The long town road appears to be empty, just as kids run across the road, playing and having fun in the night.

Ext. School - Night

Close up of a lock being picked.

"Are you sure this is going to work?" KELLS says, as he looks around cautiously.

CAMP: "My mom said someone broke in through this door last week, and that they still haven’t changed the locks.

KELLS scoffs, and looks out into the distance.

CAMP: "She works here, she’d know."

The shot shows the group of teenagers huddled by the door as the lock clicks. The doorknob turns, and the door opens.

Int. School

The camera bursts through the door as they open it. A tracking shot goes through the halls of the school, and finally enters a stairwell, descending down until suddenly and abruptly changing shots to show a concerned look on Cindy’s face.

The kids are shown entering the school, and closing the door behind themselves. One of them has a cell phone flashlight on, and one is tying their shoe.

Cindy: Hurry up, I’m freaking out.

Kells: We haven’t even taken 4 steps inside and you’re already crying?

Camp finishes tying his shoe and stands up. The shot from the kids back watches as they all walk side by side down the hall. {Fade to black}

Int. School Classroom

It’s quiet - The camera is mounted just inside of one of the school room doors, tight to the glass window. The door is locked, and through the door window you can see Kells trying to open it. It won’t budge.

Camp: I’m not picking anymore locks.

Camp: Hey, we should go down to the cafeteria though.

Courtney: Good Idea, as she grabs the back of Camp’s t-shirt and leans her head against him.

The two begin to walk down the hallway.

Kells: I guess that means just you guys?

Camp looks over his shoulder and smiles.

Int. Cafeteria

The shot shows a vast, dark, cafeteria. A door is heard opening.

"Hell yes!" Camp says quietly.

Courtney squeals loudly, displaying her excitement. Camp start flicking switches - The lights turn on.

Int. Cooking area - Cafeteria

The camera is mounted above and behind Camps head as he’s chasing Courtney with a food cart. The shot changes as Courtney is pushing against the cart and laughing. Camp is pulling a brown paper bag over his head as the cart tips over.

A shot showing the ceiling of the cafeteria shows the lights go out. The shot changes to the back room, where Courtney and Camp are leaning against the shiny oven. The lights flash, and it goes pitch black.

Courtney screams.

Camp laughs and says “It’s ok.”

[Int. Corridor]

Two silhouettes are shown running down the corridor, they’re holding hands.

Ext. School Rooftop

Establishing shot - chill feeling, music

Kells has a small jay hanging out of his mouth. He’s in the middle of lighting it with his Chevy zippo. His hair is blowing carelessly in the night, as the town is surprisingly quiet.

Int. Cafeteria

The screen is black. A rustling noise is heard while Camp looks for his lighter. He lights it, as he and Courtney still sit beside one another.


Camp: They are probably fucking with us.

Courtney: I’m surprised they aren’t having sex.

Camp: They probably did. We should go out through the back and try to scare them back.

Courtney: I’ve never even been back here before.

Camp: Me either. It all leads to the same place.

Camp pushes the swinging door open gently while Courtney stands close by and holds his hand. Camp’s cellphone screen that he’s using for a flashlight goes black - It’s pitch dark.

Camp: Fuck.

Courtney: I got it. I have a little battery left.

When Courtney opens her phone, the light in the room shows a door closing across the hallway, and behind them, as if someone had just came through. The door makes a loud noise as it shuts, both Courtney and Camp turn their heads in shock. It’s silent. Kells puts his hand on Courtney’s should and she screams.

Kells: Haha, got you guys!

Camp: No, you got her.

The camera is slowly rotating the group as the dialog continues.

Courtney: You’re an asshole. Where the fuck is Cindy?

Kells: She said she was going to the bathroom and never came back, so I came looking. She’s probably messing with me.

The camera is slowly coming to a stop. Behind the kids stands a figure, only barely noticeable as a silhouette. The camera begins to pull back down the hall, away from the figure, and the kids follow.

A close-up of Kells face is show as he leans his head toward the ladies bathroom.

Kells: Cindy?

Camp: Just go in.. you aren’t going to get detention.

Courtney: Where the hell is she?

Kells: There’s her purse.

The school loudspeaker turns on - there’s feedback and some unrecognizable noises. All three kids freeze and look up at the loudspeaker.

Kells: I told you guys, she’s probably just messing with us.

Camp: She was almost too afraid to come in and you think she’s going to do this?

Courtney: Maybe someone else is here?

Kells: Like, the janitor?

Camp: Is her phone in the purse?

Courtney scurries through the purse.

Courtney: No, I don’t see it.

Camp: Call it.

Act 2


The phone is heard distantly ringing through the intercom before going silent. The intercom turns off.

The camera is positioned looking out of the exit of the restroom. A figure is shown outside of the entrance door across the hallway. The door knob is turning. Kells peaks around the corner while the others continue to talk.

Kells: Quiet guys! I hear something.

They quiet. As they do, the door opens outside of the restroom. The first figure walks in and is identified as a policemen. A second one follows behind him. The kids are shown against the wall, silent and scared, hoping they don’t enter the restroom.

Policeman 1: Well the neighbor said he saw one person jimmy the door and come in.

Policeman 2: Yes, but that was 2 hours ago. Why would they still be in here? Unless they’re sleeping..

The policeman walk out of frame and the chatter fades away.

Courtney: Oh my god. What should we do?

Kells: Not panic, for one. We need to be quiet.

Camp: We need to find Cindy before the police do, or we’re all fucked.

Kells: Fuck that. The exit is right there. She shouldn’t be fucking with us, I’m leaving.

Camp: Are you fucking kidding me? What if she’s hurt, somehow? If she sees the cops she’s going to freak.

Courtney: I agree with Camp. We can’t leave her here.